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Peter French Hypnotherapy In Fareham and Portsmouth Area – Specialising in Anxiety and Related Issues.

Peter French providing hypnotherapy in Fareham and Portsmouth area of South Hampshire

Hello I’m Peter

I specialise in helping people with anxiety related issues.

Many issues that I help with involve anxiety and panic attacks.

Anxiety also extends to providing help with fears and phobias. That’s things like a fear of flying, heights or dentists but also includes helping the people who are fed up of being teased about things like a fear of spiders or frogs.

I am a qualified Hypnotherapist and Integral Eye Movement Therapy Practitioner and I am registered with several professional bodies.


Help With Anxiety

Therapy for anxiety generally takes around four sessions and that allows me to help you with your issue and equip you to handle the future. Anxiety often includes dealing with several issues and allowing you time to get used to seeing the world in a different way.

Hypnotherapy can you overcome anxiety, panic, fears and phobias.One young woman that I worked with for anxiety issues followed my process and after four sessions she was able to deal with the cards that life had dealt her, and she felt confident to manage future problems.

My own experience of life includes a long time with insomnia and the associated anxiety that comes in life when you’re tired all the time. Part of my own recovery involved getting help from a hypnotherapist and that made a great change to my life.

Help With Fears and Phobias

I’ve found that fears and phobias are usually a more focused form of anxiety and my experience has been that they take between ten minutes and four hours to clear up.

I know that 10 minutes for a fear or phobia sounds like a boast but it’s happened quite often. After that you will be free to decide how much more help you need because you are the only person who can gauge that.

I worked with one woman for about ten minutes because she was fed up with her fear of slugs and slimy things. It was stopping her from enjoying her garden and walks in the country. She made enough changes in 10 minutes of therapy to allow her to deal with slugs and frogs and things like that. She decided that she had enough confidence to proceed without further help and things started to get better for her.

At the end of the day you are in control, and it’s your choice.

Rapid Change Therapy

Eye movement therapy often allows us to remove negative issues very quickly. Hypnosis can also be used to resolve negative issues, it is also very good for building positive habits, attitudes and behaviours for the future.

I worked with a man for the fear of flying and within the first half hour he couldn’t bring any of the terror back from the fearful memories that had stopped him flying for forty years. He opted to learn how to calm his mind as a just in case measure. Then he flew off on an important business trip and had no irrational problems.

I’m sure you have a lot of questions that relate to your own issue and the quickest way to get answers it to call me and ask.

You Can Call me on 0793 464 0831

Peter French: Anxiety Specialist and Hypnotherapy in Fareham, Portsmouth and South Hampshire.