Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia

Effective and timely help for dental phobia using hypnotherapy and IEMT in Hampshire

Literally dental phobia is an uncontrollable fear of the dentist and everything to do with dentists.

A Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something.

Strictly speaking a phobia is more than just a fear and to be fair most people who have a fear of going to the dentist don’t have the full impact of a phobia. That’s doesn’t mean that the fear that comes when you think about the dentist is not severe or debilitating, it just means that there’s a spectrum of fear and people are spread across that spectrum as opposed to being all jammed up at one end.

Since you’re reading this then I will take it as read that you or someone you know needs help with a severe negative reaction to thoughts of the dentist.

My Personal Story:

When my daughter was born (it’s a while ago now) I realised that if I didn’t want to pass on my fear of the dentist to her that I had to do something. The internet wasn’t around at that time, I didn’t know about what help I could get and it took a lot of research and time and a lot of haunting thoughts.

When I finally went to the dentist they helped me fill in the questionnaire for a new patient. “Do you visit the dentist regularly?”. My answer was “Yes if you count once every ten years”. They found it funny, well they would because they didn’t understand.

My daughter didn’t grow up with a fear of the dentist, like most people she goes and gets check ups and has work done when it’s needed. So do I.

I don’t mean to be inconsiderate here but I have to describe a few things. In real terms dental phobia is triggered in different ways for different sufferers so here’s a short list:

  • Just the thought of going to dentist
  • Needles and Injections
  • Smell of the dentist
  • Claustrophobia
  • Imagining  the sound of a dentists drill
  • Keeping your mouth open wide
  • Gagging
  • Smell / taste of latex

If your particular thoughts aren’t on the list it doesn’t mean there’s no help it just means that the list could be longer.

Now that we’ve thought about the problem let me tell you some things:

  • it is something that can be helped
  • the length of time you’ve been suffering won’t stop it going away
  • fixing it won’t hurt

What outcome can you expect?

Essentially you will get rid of your irrational fear centred around the dentist.

I will give you ways to stay calm but once you’ve experienced the dentist a couple of times you will know that you can cope.

 I can’t promise that the dentist’s surgery will be your favourite place in the world to be or that the dentist will be someone you will put on your Christmas card list.

Some things that the dentist will do with you will still be uncomfortable. But you will be able to manage it. It sounds like a cop out but modern dentistry has progressed a lot and right now that might not sound encouraging but eventually it will.

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