Fear Of Flying

Fear Of Flying

Fear Of Flying


Effective and timely help for the fear of flying using hypnotherapy and IEMT in Hampshire

The Facts about flying:

Flying is something that thousands of people do every day in complete safety and we all know that the helpful facts about flying like statistically flying is the safest ways of travelling, when you look out of the window and see the wing wobbling you know that it’s designed to do that and to deal with turbulence and air pockets and a whole lot more. We’ve all seen the TV programs that show us that aircraft are monitored every flight and safety is paramount.

The Problem:

Knowing the facts doesn’t seem to stop some people suffering anxiety from flying. In some cases it’s bad enough to call it a fear of flying phobia.

The fear of flying is one that prevents so many people from flying on holiday or on business at all and that doesn’t include the many people who travel and self medicate with alcohol and over the counter medication.

Why do you have this fear of flying, when you clearly wouldn’t wish this on yourself, becoming anxious and jittery and frightened just at the thought of flying.

You have a mechanism built in to your mind that keeps you safe.

The mechanism in your mind that keeps you safe from walking in front of moving vehicles and bumping in to things does the same thing when it comes to flying.

Somehow you’ve got a memory associated with flying stuck in your safety system. When you think of flying, the self defence mechanism understands the context as flying and whatever kept you safe last time will work this time too. The action that you usually do for this is to get scared and in to the bargain this mechanism works on thoughts in just the same way as it does when things are really happening.

Where did the memory come from?

Usually it comes from an experience that you had, a bad take off, a bad landing, severe turbulence, getting trapped in the toilet, and once that memory is in there it doesn’t shift easily. The defence mechanism is designed to keep you safe and it doesn’t let go of those memories easily.

Sometimes something you see, hear or imagine causes an emotional memory to be created. For example if a friend died in a plane crash, this could evoke a thought in you that was severe enough to cause such a memory even though it didn’t happen to you.

Constantly telling yourself that you don’t like flying would gradually build up an emotional memory that caused the same effect. I know a lady who constantly tells herself that she’s scared of lifts, and she knows how to do that so well now that it takes a lot to set foot in a lift.

The Solution:

Believe it or not, this sort of irrational fear is straight forward to deal with. It doesn’t matter how long you have had the fear of flying, or how deeply entrenched you feel that it is, you can be helped.

Removing the irrational fear of flying and giving you strategies to prevent it happening again in the future is something that many people have benefited from. It generally takes two sessions.

This approach is drug and alcohol free.

You’ll be able to book holidays or business trips and also allows you to spend the last few days of your holiday enjoying yourself rather than dreading the flight back. It adds so much more enjoyment to the time away.

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