Food Cravings

Food Cravings

Food Cravings

Effective and timely help for food cravings using hypnotherapy and IEMT in Hampshire

When you’re trying to lose weight you invariably choose a diet that you think you can stick to.

Your will power gets you going and you are motivated by success and that’s all right and proper. The better your motivation the better you stick to the diet, the more weight you will lose.

Do you find that you just can’t resist some foods?

It’s like you have to eat them, they won’t go away, you think of them all the time.

Do you find that there are some occasions when you just over indulge?

It’s like your autopilot takes over and you have no choice but to hang on tight and pick up the pieces later.

It’s as if someone or something else is in control at these times and it’s not you.

If that describes you then you should know that it’s straight forward to get rid of these food cravings and compulsions.

Once you are in control you have rational choice over the things you eat and when you eat them. It could be the help that you have been in need of in your attempts to lose weight.

When you’re ready to get rid of those food cravings please call me, so that you can really get in control of your weight loss!

I also have a no nonsense approach to weight control if you want even more control.


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