Give Up Smoking

Give Up Smoking

Once in a while all smokers attempt to give up smoking even in Portsmouth. Personally I gave up when I was 7, after I tried a puff on someone else’s cig it nearly blew my lungs up and I thought I was going to explode. After that I thought that I couldn’t face it again. A lot of my friends were more resolute in establishing themselves and carried on fighting down the urge to throw up. After a while they appeared to enjoy it, then it became something that they had to do.

I have had to change my tune in my approach to helping smokers give up. I was taught that smokers can only give up if they have decided that they want to. If they were doing it for someone else or it just seemed like a good idea at the time then they had no chance.

I now have a different view on it.

I believe that even if it is only a whim or it’s for someone else that it can be made to work if you’re willing to see it through. Please be aware that this is a personal belief and not a proven fact. I’m not a great salesman but I take care of what beliefs I share because I have to live with them.

Hypnotherapy has one of the best records in all types of therapy for helping people give up smoking.

Did you know that the National Health Service counts you as a non smoker if you give up for more than 5 weeks. Have a think for a moment at what point would you regard yourself as a non smoker? Four weeks, four months, four years perhaps. Also have a think about what you will do with the time that you would have been smoking.

If you had a cigarette five weeks after therapy would that be it for you? Do you now see yourself as a smoker and you just go back to smoking all the time. Or is it just a blip, and you take a deep breath and get on with being a non smoker. Which sort of non smoker will you be?

How many people have you talked to who said things like ‘I paid a lot of money for hypnotherapy to stop smoking, after the session I went to the pub had a pint and lit up and it had no effect on me’.  And yet you’re here reading about it in case there’s some way it might help you.

How Can I Help?

I don’t have an off the shelf approach to it because you will have your own set of beliefs and reasons that you apply to smoking. If you want to give up then I may be able to help but you have to remember you will have to do your part too, I don’t have a magic wand. I generally do two sessions for smoking cessation.

Why two sessions when so many others do one? I find it works best for my clients. Things we clear up in the first session sometimes allow other things to surface between the first and second session. The second session allows us to clear them up too, smoothing your way forwards.

If you are still here after all that then please feel free to call me to discuss your thoughts on using hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

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