Personal Performance

Personal Performance

Effective and timely help for improving personal performance using hypnotherapy and IEMT in Hampshire

Improving our personal performance whether that’s in our approach to work or in sports performance is a serious and respectable goal that many people have but do nothing about. The thing is it all seems so easy and then you get stuck and when you’ve done all you can think of and you’re still stuck you tend to accept it. And another thing that happens is that your friends don’t really understand and they spend their time telling you that what you have done so far is really good and it’s OK if you can’t make it any better.

There’s also that peculiar English thing that happens where people who are trying that bit harder to do their best are regarded with suspicion. It’s OK to be an underdog but it’s never cool to be top dog.

Do you feel like you have found your natural limit. In truth you can probably do a bit better with outside help. There’s no way to say how much better.

What can be done?

To give you a couple of ideas for a start:

  • setting realistic goals.
  • having a way to focus on them clearly. It is not always easy. Making your focus exclude the chaff that creeps in to our thoughts is an important way to handle getting better.
  • Understanding how to manage your state. How you are at any time can be a thing that you choose and not something that just arrives with the weather.
  • Getting rid of that negative self talk is an essential part of stopping ourselves sabotaging our efforts to improve.

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