Effective and timely help for phobias using hypnotherapy and IEMT in Hampshire

Phobias are described as irrational fears that cause you to change your normal life.

So many people have phobias for their whole lives, they just put up with it. Often they have to put up with people making fun of them about it, for their whole lives. It feels like the phobia is stupid and it makes people feel stupid but it’s not and you’re not.

It’s not stupid and neither are you, if it’s in your head and it keeps happening then it’s important and you can be free of it.

For example: A spider phobia in Australia is understandable because the bite of a funnel web spider or others there cause death and serious problems. So it’s just plain sense to be wary of them. Bring that to this country and you are faced with spiders that can’t harm us so the fear has no place and we call it a phobia because the fear has no basis it’s irrational.

Phobia in general have no basis in a rational understanding of the issue. But knowing that doesn’t help does it? You still have that problem and  it even happens when you just think about it.

The phobia is a behaviour sequence that is triggered by an event or in a particular situation. It’s not rational and talking about it doesn’t help. It’s a case where it’s not just a behaviour, It has associated emotions like fear and that makes it such a powerful negative experience.

It’a not a problem until it’s a problem and the only judge here is you.

Problems usually start when the behaviour is starting to limit your way of life for some reason. It may be stopping you going somewhere. You may be afraid of passing on this fear to your children. Both are examples of a behaviour becoming a problem.

How Can I Help?

You aren’t alone, I have helped many people who have been stuck in this position and they have moved on in their lives.

The trigger situations and all those negative emotions can all be removed so that your mind and body don’t perform their irrational behaviours. That leaves you free to act normally and rationally.

In cases where the situation is potentially hazardous you will still have a rational reaction. That’s only normal and that’s as it should be. But you will have a choice and you will stay in control.

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