Effective and timely help with relaxation using hypnotherapy and IEMT in Hampshire

Most of us are convinced that we know how to do relaxation. When you have tried relaxation in hypnosis you will understand what relaxation should be.

Relaxation is one of the things that hypnosis can facilitate really well, just switch off and enjoy some time out.

This is a useful session if you are interested in hypnotherapy or hypnosis and want some first hand experience to put your mind at rest. It’s also useful if you just need some ‘Me Time‘.

Once you give yourself permission to take half an hour off it is straight forward to lead you to a “place” in your mind where there is no chatter, nobody wants you on the phone, you can take time out and just be.

I offer this in two types of session:

  • One where I do the work and you just come and enjoy the feeling.
  • I also offer a session where I can teach you how to do that for yourself at any time. With a little practise you can call time out at any convenient moment.

Some people prefer to have the control for themselves because it gives them more choice of where and when they use it. Others prefer to come and sit in my chair and let it happen.

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