Weight Control

Weight Control

The basic weight control maxim is simple:  eat a little less and move a little more.

You eat a little less so that you create an energy shortfall, and the missing energy is intended to be made from energy that’s stored as fatty tissue around your body.

You move a little more to burn a little more energy than you were doing before.

It’s been proved that diets do work t help you lose weight.

The problem with diets is that the diet places the focus on food and not on the person.

Of course food is part of the problem in so far as eating too much of it makes you store the excess energy as fat.

But there are so many issues here to get in the way:

  • You just can’t resist some foods, it’s like you have to eat them
  • You just can’t resist eating sometimes no matter what the food is
  • Somebody else is in charge of you
  • A diet is somebody else’s rules
  • For some a diet relies on a lot of will power and will power only lasts so long.
  • A diet club relies on peer pressure, emotional blackmail and continual payments
  • When you stop the diet you get fatter than you were before

These things don’t fit well for some people.

So if your approach to food along with other issues are making you fat, perhaps you should be asking:

Is dieting the best way for You to control Your weight?

How Can I Help?

I have created a weight control approach that starts with you and your needs. The goal of this approach is to put you in control so that you can take a rational approach to food and eating.

Putting you in control of your eating and learning to control your weight usually take three to four sessions.

The sessions with me will be spent identifying issues and doing therapy to help you. In between sessions you will be expected to do homework which will consist of doing tasks that are supported by audio tracks and written booklets.

The first two sessions are a week apart and subsequent session(s) allow you to get used to things for two weeks before returning to see me.

If you pay for at least three sessions in advance then I can offer a discount on the therapy.

If you need to discuss this further please call me on

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