Working With Me

Working With Me

There are so many people who have been working with me who used to put up with issues. They lived their lives knowing that it would be better if this or that didn’t happen to them, but they would decide it was silly or make up some other reason not to do something about it. Then they decided to do something about it and found self control and freedom.

For example people with phobias feel that it’s so silly to be anxious about such a ridiculous thing. And they put up with it hoping that it’ll sort it’s self out. Generally it doesn’t.

Please believe me; if it’s something that is in your mind you don’t have to put up with it.

Some people work with me to clear issues that get in the way of leading their lives. Other people just want to improve the performance of some aspect of their life. Something stops them moving on.

I understand that it’s not trivial for a person to ask for help from a stranger, especially about personal issues. But if you need to find out if I can help then please call ()  because it’s still the quickest way to share information. Or you can use the green button below.
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Hello I’m Peter


I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) practitioner.

I believe that if you’ve got the gumption to go in search of help then you have the innate ability to heal.

Perhaps you’re trying to assess whether I have experience in your particular issue. Or maybe you just want to get a feel for what I’m like.

In either case I can only say that I’m man enough to tell you the truth and not just pretend that I know everything.

I’ve helped a lot of people resolve issues and no two were the same, even if the summary was the same. You see, people are all unique. So in one sense, all clients present unique issues.

What’s Your Situation

  • Suffering for years: You’ve been putting up with something for years and you’ve decided that now is the time to put it right.
  • Something New: Something has just changed in your life and it’s uncomfortable enough for you to get help.
  • Just Interested: You are searching for an answer to something that you don’t understand that’s going on for you or someone who’s close to you.

Whichever describes your situation, if you call me () then we can discuss if it’s something that I can help with. When you call there is no obligation to continue with me in therapy, but it could speed up your search by finding out. Either way it will speed up your decision about how to proceed.


If you’re happy about working with me then we can arrange a time for our first session.

The therapies that I offer work as a collaborative venture between you and me.

I will provide the best therapies that I know of to help you resolve your issues.

Your commitment to the process will be to tell me honestly what is going on and assess your progress. Therapy doesn’t just happen in the therapy room with me. I will probably ask you to perform some tasks in between sessions. The people who get the best results tend to be the ones who commit themselves to the whole process.

People and their needs don’t fit a “one size fits all” approach, most issues need between two to four sessions.

Therapies I Use

The therapy techniques that I use to help people with their issues are:

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy allows you to focus on an issue and make deep changes using proven techniques.

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

IEMT is a therapy that allows you to deal with emotional memories so that they return to their correct perspective rather than being larger than life.

Read More.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

There are several NLP techniques that create real change by giving new perspective on issues.

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If you have sensitive issues then it is often possible to help you without you having to describe details to me.  That’s one of the differences between the techniques that I use and counselling or psychotherapy.

People are not computers so if I put my ideas or solutions in somebody else’s head then they’re still my ideas and they don’t fit properly and they will get rejected. I actually help people to reprogram themselves in the way that fits with who they are so that they accept the changes.

If You Are Ready To Start

Then use the Contact Me button below.

And we’ll decide the best way to proceed.

Please read my therapy terms and conditions