Peter French, Hypnotherapist

I'm Peter French and I'm qualified to use Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy), Eye movement (EMDR and IEMT) and other therapies to help you change your mind.

WhatDo I Do ?

I help people gain control of their own mind

Thoughts out of control I help people get control of their mind and thoughts, because so many thoughts cause so many issues with anxiety.

I help with Fears and Phobias  I help people with fears and phobias that limit life so much.

Sleepless, insomnia. I help people get a good night's sleep in this high speed, high stress world.

Business mind can be improved by training I help people in business to focus their mind on the things that they need to focus on.

It's all about you . . .

I'm based in Fareham in Hampshire (UK).

What They Say ...

What my clients are saying about me

It was a great therapy session, relaxing and I was able to over come my fear/phobia in only a few sessions

Male Client

Mark V Southampton


In the past I have tried a number of methodologies to reduce my fear, from another hypnotherapist and acupuncture to Virgin’s flying without fear course. Sadly, no matter what I tried nothing made a dent in my fear ...

When I first met Peter I was apprehensive as I had previously had hypnotherapy which did not ease my often crippling fear. This previous experience led me to be extremely skeptical but I thought as nothing else had worked it was worth another try. I cannot express how glad I am that I did. [read more]

Male Client

Dave S, Southampton

Senior sales and marketing manager.

Thank you for helping me to overcome the negative opinion that I had about my body.

I never thought that I would be able to come to terms with how my scoliosis affects my shape but ever since the session with you I no longer see it as a problem or pay any attention to it.

Female Client

Jennie F. Fareham


After years of trying to lose weight, and in most cases failing, l asked Peter if he would be able to help me with my inability of controlling what l eat.

During our first session Peter explained how his therapies work and what will be easy to change, and what will take practice on my behalf. [read more]

Male Client

Matt V. Romsey

Web Designer

Thank you for helping me with my issues regarding food and comfort eating, it really helped.

Female Client

Jan R

Peter has helped me on numerous occasions and has literally changed my life.
He has helped me conquer my fear of flying, in an instant !
He has helped me deal with the pain and grief of losing a loved one, and allowed me to put things to bed.
He has helped me adjust my eating habits to lead a healthier lifestyle.
He has helped me deal with stress and relax more, and cope in this hectic world we live in.
Peter's style is supportive, welcoming and very much focused on your needs, not his abilities.
Sometimes Peter just helps by listening.
Whatever your mental or physical concern or issue, talk to Peter. It may not change your life, but you'll feel better for doing so.
Male Client

Guy P. Portsmouth

EMEA Business Development Director

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For more information you can call me or text me on 0793 464 0831 (preferably in office hours).

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