It drives me mad

I find that there are two main things that I notice in the people around me: The things that fill me full of hope and then there’s the things that I see where it drive me mad. The things that fill me full of hope speak for themselves. It makes me feel really good to […]

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Hypnotherapy for Stress

Is it possible to use hypnotherapy for stress? Yes of course, there are lots of techniques that can be applied in hypnosis to help with stress. Also learning self hypnosis can be very beneficial because you can deal with new things yourself. Dealing with stress is partly about how you think about things and what […]

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Hypnosis For Confidence

Picture the scene. Daughter sitting next to Wife on a sofa. Me (Dad) sitting on another sofa. We’ve just finished watching a TV program together. “Dates” on Channel 4. The program was enthralling, the sets amazingly put together, there’a a real art to creating apparent simplicity. The acting was simply brilliant, it was basically a two […]

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