Another Atkins OWL Update

New Atkins For a New You, OWL

I had a bit of a shock yesterday. I’ve spent the last two weeks hovering just under 13 stone (182lbs or 83kg). I’ve been doing a little less exercise although on the whole I’ve been keeping to the eating plan pretty well.

So the shock was I got on the scales and I had lost 4 lbs. I’m not sure if I forgot to weight myself or what but one minute I had the idea I was 13stone and then I’m 12 stone 10lbs and it took me by surprise.

What’s my goal?

I’m still not decided. I know that’s mad but all I can say is this. In the past when I’ve been on a carbohydrate based diet, losing weight was always based on getting my head straight and putting up with eating less. All the NLP and hypnosis and everything is based on needing to get your head straight to control your eating so that you can work towards your goal.

The odd thing here is that if I get hungry then I eat. When I’m not hungry I don’t crave sweet things and I don’t go mad. So far it’s a no brainer and no will power has been required.

My wife has been doing it along with me and for various medical reasons which I won’t go in to at the moment she loses weight slower than I do. But she’s losing weight and she’s not been hungry either. If you’re hungry you eat something that follows the plan and than way you keep on reducing your weight.

It has honestly turned my whole understanding about weight loss on its head.

I can have a really bad day. Eat a lot and still lose weight.

I tell people I’m on the new Atkins diet and they say ‘Oh you’re eating a lot of meat then’. That’s true but the other truth is that I’ve never eaten as much salad in my life. And I can have oil based dressing on that.

I was chatting with a fellow business in the kitchen at my office and he was talking about eating a lot of sea kale and the like and it was really a wonder food. When I said I was having double cream and raspberries for pudding tonight he gave out an audible gasp. The shere joy of full fat is something he’s not been allowed for a long time.

The studies show that the full fat and moderate protein on this diet allow your muscles to stay in tact and your body to burn fat. When there’s no more fat from what you’ve eaten it burns fat from your body. It can do that because there is virtually no insulin in my system because there are no carbohydrates to convert to fat for storage.

As I’ve said before we do cheat from time to time with ice creams on days out. We were out for a meal the other day and I went for the burger, I opted for extra salad to replace the chips. It can really work.

If you were diabetic then you would only embark on this in conjunction with your doctor otherwise insulin management would be a problem.

Eat well and lose weight.

Till next time.


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