Atkins Diet Induction

fat-man-in-a beretThis isn’t really me. I don’t smoke and I don’t wear a beret.

The shape is similar at least from my point of view.

I don’t want to make anyone unwell so there’s no before and after pictures here.

So my wife has loaded up the fridge with all the things we need for the Atkins Diet Induction phase.

The induction phase is where you eat fat and protein in reasonable measure but you also reduce your carbs to 20g per day. Now that’s serious stuff.

The way the Atkins diet Induction is structured is that they introduce you to the core foods, the book actually has a two week diet plan that shows what you will be doing and when. It includes meal plans and snacks.

The idea of the diet is that your body switches over from main lining on carbohydrates to getting energy from fat.

I’ve gone over some of this before but I’ll do it again because I’m that sort of person. When you eat carbohydrates (carbs for the initiated) your body converts it to glucose and uses the energy. Any energy left over that can’t be used right now will be stored in your muscles as your quick release energy (the stuff that sprinters use up), any glucose left over will be detected by the body and will cause an increase in the insulin levels in your blood which convert the glucose to fat.

While you have raised insulin levels you can’t burn existing fat. And the problem with carbs is that when the glucose levels start to drop we get cravings and feel hungry and stuff in another load of carbs. So generally we don’t release much fat as energy.

The food that you eat on the Atkins diet induction (and other phases) has a minimal effect on insulin in your body because the carbs are less than an ounce per day. The protein stops you feeling hungry and the idea with the severe carb restriction is to get you body kick started in to ketosis so that energy is extracted from either dietary fat or stored fat.

OK so day 1 was interesting:

My breakfast was one sausage and two scrambled eggs. It should have had spinach too but I can’t face it at breakfast.

Morning snack was cheese and olives.

My lunch was 140g of salad leaves. That’s about half a bag and it was so much greenery that it broke my fork. The dressing was tasty and the chicken with it was good to. We used the ready cooked stuff that’s ready for making sandwiches.

Afternoon snack was cheese and avocado.

Dinner was more salad with a tasty dressing and salmon.

If you’re expecting a meat fest then you will have to fight through the salad leaves to get to it.

I had a cup of bouillon soup (powdered) later on and a couple of bits of cheese.

our day also took in going out on our boat so we were sailing when we had lunch and the daytime snacks. So it is feasible to go out for the day and take your food with you. You do need a big lunchbox for the salad. My wife finds the salad is too much for her, that means she’s on less carbs essentially. However we’re just finding out about puddings…

Day 2 was similar.

Have I been hungry so far?


I’m also not craving sweet things at the moment. I tend not to crave them anyway but it might be nice to have something sweet at some stage. My wife is looking forwards to re-introduction of fruit.

So far So Good.


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