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New Atkins For a New You

I have an agenda here talking about Atkins diet foods.

To understand it fully I have to roll back about 30 years. At that time I was 10.5 stones (147lbs), I was well in to my rock climbing phase and I was out 3 or 4 times per week rock climbing in my home county of Yorkshire.

So now I’m 57 years old and my weight is steady at just under 14 stone (196lbs), I don’t quite count as obese but I am fat around the belly. I now sit down to tie my shoe laces so that the belly doesn’t jam in to my diaphragm making it hard to breathe. In short I’m fat and I don’t like it.

I practice mindful eating and doing what I do for a living I’ve used self hypnosis and anything else I needed to be free from food cravings.

I don’t like being 14 stone dropping slowly! It’s not what I want right now and that makes me just like so many other people. I admit that the weight didn’t come on fast, it’s taken 30 years to put on the extra 3 stone (42lbs) so I’m now well in to middle age spread and frankly it’s not for me.

I find that calorie restriction doesn’t work, I find that mindful eating does work and it’s probably at the right rate for me to lose it. But I’m also human so I’ve been looking for better (faster) way to lose weight in a sustainable way that doesn’t involve me fighting my body. There are some other personal issues that I’ll get to later.

Enter stage left “The New Atkins Diet for a new you”.

If you look in my self help section you will see where I started with Dr Sarah Hallberg’s Ted Talk which I found fascinating. She describes a ketogenic or low carbohydrate diet. I was fascinated because I have always been led to believe that it wasn’t good for you. But the evidence is now there to say that I was wrong. I’m used to that though because I’m married and I can say that because she never reads my blog.

Cutting a long story short Dr Hallberg’s Ted talk is centred on helping morbidly obese patients with diabetes to lose weight. And she does that with a low carb high fat diet, the rationale is that energy will come from fat rather than carbohydrates. This process called ketosis doesn’t rely on insulin. Many of her patients reduce their insulin medication dependence and in some cases they get away from it altogether.

In one of her other presentations she refers to dementure being referred to as type 3 diabetes.

These two issues are a bit close for me. My Dad was under observation by the diabetic clinic and my Mum has Alzheimer’s. Both are cruel diseases and cause a lot of suffering.

I found out a bit more about the link between alzheimers and diabetes and those little grey cells started whirring around. For my own peace of mind.

So there’s the long and the short of it. If I use the new Atkins diet and can make it work then not only will I lose weight but¬†I can protect myself from diabetes and potentially Alzheimer’s. I’ll grant that the links to Alzheimer’s are only just being researched but there is evidence.

Based on all that I’m doing the new Atkins Diet which is based on the orignal, it’s been brought up to date based on research. There are other options like the South Beach Diet, but this is the one that I’ve chosen

I’m not an expert, I’m learning from the start and there will be errors made.


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