Atkins OWL Phase Update

Atkins OWL Phase

Here’s a belated update about my personal dealings with the new Atkins ketogenic diet.

Brief recap: It’s a ketogenic diet and in theory I’m on 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, I might stray a little up to 25 but I’m not bad. I don’t have to be because it’s one of those ways of eating that you dream about where you can eat as much as you want.

Atkins OWL Phase is where you can eat a wider variety of food.

What’s the Atkins OWL phase?

So in the Atkins OWL phase you are allowed a wider range of food. The induction is where you get used to checking for the carbohydrate content of all those foods that you eat and some that you’d like to. Allowing for the fibre in the food too means you generally get a bit more, that’s what they call net carbs. So we now know the carb content of a lot of foods that we buy regularly and we have settled in to a series of dishes that we know we can eat. Just like anyone else we eat similar meals each week. They just conform to different rules to before.

Atkins OWL phase opens up a few things so we’ve experimented with mini pizzas using aubegines (egg plant in American). And they worked really well.

So I’m now just over seven weeks in and I’ve lost about 14 lbs which is 2lbs per week which I regard as good since some days I seem to eat a lot.

I’ve cheated a few times, I had a glass of wine one weekend. I had a bottle of beer the other day too. And I’ve had a couple of ice creams when I’ve been out too. Not too bad and it didn’t appear to derail the ketosis. The Atkins OWL phase is still quite strict on carbs to make sure that you stay burning fat and don’t switch back to glucose.

I had a bit of a go at satisfying my sweet tooth and I thought that I’d cracked it. But it turns out that my stomach doesn’t get on that well with some of the artificial sweeteners. Robinsons do a range of juice drinks that have virtually zero carbs and zero sugar but I was having too many.

I have also not been making hot chocolate with almond milk for a while either. They all went the same way.

Since I stopped looking for a way to create sweets my life has settled and I have a new habit that doesn’t crave sweetness anymore. About the most sweetness I get at the moment is soya yogurt with coconut and it’s quite pleasant. Not a riot of taste but it’s OK and it flattens out sweet cravings very well.

On the plus side we can have almost unlimited double cream. And it goes so well with things like raspberries. I used to find raspberries a bit tart but with double cream I think they’re my new best friend 🙂

So overall Atkins OWL phase is more of the same after induction it just introduces more choice.

We’re keeping going with the diet and we’re used to buying the different groceries now. So it just feels normal to eat and eat and still lose weight.

I’ve stepped up the exercise a bit just so that there’s a bit of muscle to flash when we go to the sea side. 🙂

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