Being a Rebel

A rebel is defined as:

A person who rises in opposition or armed resistance against an established government or leader.


Rebel saluteIf you’re feeling at all rebellious or are even thinking of being a rebel then you may not have thought it through all the way.

The conventional rebel has a knee-jerk reaction against authority and authority figures when their ideas don’t agree with the official wisdom. Being the conventional rebel means pushing a point home so that they feel that they count for something and others know who the rebel is.

But that’s the problem. It’s a reaction, and that reaction forces us down a narrow path that is the direct opposite of the thing that we’re rebelling against. When we let the steam our of our brain and view things rationally we might realise that we are still not in control and the rebel that we have become is not the rebel that we wanted to be. The “authority” is still having an effect on us, and in some way it’s still controlling us.

So how do we become the rebels that we want to be?

Simple! (well simple-ish) Instead of being guided by what we don’t want we have to identify what we do want. If we are simply against something then that thing is still affecting us and controlling us. The whole point to being a real rebel is to be completely free from the thing that we don’t like so that it has no effect on us. And more importantly to have a clear idea of what we actually want for ourselves so that we can achieve something that works for us.

Let someone else settle for the short term fix!¬†It’s a longer game that we have to play, and our longer term plan will allow us to do what we want and not what we can fit in to the narrow confines of the conventional rebel.

Be your own rebel.

Follow your own path.

Find what you want.

(Oddly that’s a lot like hypnotherapy. Everyone thinks of it as one thing, but it’s different for everyone).

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