Dealing With Loss

Dealing With Loss This is one of those posts that means something to me. I decided to share it because there may be others who may reach some understanding from it. I have recently had personal experience of dealing with loss in my family, my Dad died just after Christmas. Just writing those words has […]

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Can you Tame the Black Dog

I first heard the reference to the black dog of depression a long time ago. At the time I understood the reference completely, it was a primeval entity that was on the prowl and the sense of foreboding that comes  with it pretty much covers what it’s like. So much more than just a clever description. Whether […]

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Spider Phobia

This page doesn’t have a picture of a spider anywhere so if you have a spider phobia or any sort of fear of spiders you can read on and learn. A lot of people laugh about other people who have a fear of spiders. But it can be really serious, the fear causes an anxiety […]

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The Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge I know several people who do triatholons, marathons and also those for whom it’s not enough so they are drawn to the iron man challenge. We are in a world beyond the time of dragons. But there are still dragon slayers amongst us. Some of us need these challenges because the physical […]

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About Meditation

This post is NOT everything you need to know about meditation,  but it’s a start. In studies it has been shown that after 6 weeks doing some form of meditation for 10 minutes a day people reduce their levels of stress, they improve their sleep and they cope with their daily schedule better. So what’s meditation? […]

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