About Meditation

This post is NOT¬†everything you need to know about meditation, ¬†but it’s a start. In studies it has been shown that after 6 weeks doing some form of meditation for 10 minutes a day people reduce their levels of stress, they improve their sleep and they cope with their daily schedule better. So what’s meditation? […]

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The Law Of Attraction

I’ve read a lot of things about the law of attraction, the secret and all the other versions out there. It’s all compelling, especially the versions where we can create anything that we want for ourselves. I’m not so compelled by the versions that say when bad stuff happened to us that we wanted that […]

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How Are We Judging Ourselves

In my previous post I looked at how we are judging people and everything at all times. That included judging other people and judging ourselves. So if I recap, our conscious minds are pattern matching engines that search for memories and thoughts that match the situation that we are in. For example if a car […]

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Overthinking It

    Overthinking it is a habit that we get in to, it’s one that proves that the world is working for us. I know a bit about this because of previous work that I have done. I spent a long time in a past life fault finding in electronic systems to see what was […]

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Fear of heights

  There’s a place that I go to help out as a volunteer. Some of the staff had signed up for a fund raising event that involved abseiling from the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. The Spinnaker tower is a prominent feature of the Portsmouth skyline and they allow people to abseil down it from time […]

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