Perspective On Life

When it comes down to it we all need perspective on life. The way that we achieve that perspective is interesting. Many people in anxious situations find it hard because they try so hard to get perspective to enable resolution of their issues but they do so while staying in the life context which has […]

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Mindfulness and Anxiety

Mindfulness and anxiety are two things that live at the opposite ends of the spectrum of unease in your mind. At one end of the mental unease spectrum anxiety is driven by thoughts of catastrophe which are driven by so many triggers in your life. At the other end of the mental unease spectrum mindfulness […]

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Anxiety Acceptance

Anxiety acceptance is often thought of as a paradox. The paradox being that acceptance of anxiety is a capitulation, it’s you giving in to the anxiety and panic and stopping the fight. How can giving in to anxiety work? Well the thing is that all the time that you fight anxiety and panic and all […]

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Perception Of Anxiety

Are anxiety and perception linked in some way and how much are they connected? How much are you aware of your perceptions? You perceive the world through your perceptions that’s your processing of your senses and the way your mind finds a mental framework or context that allows you to see it in a certain […]

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