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Symptoms Of Depression

What Are The Symptoms Of Depression The symptoms of depression are varied and are spread across a spectrum that takes in emotional, physical and social symptoms. People are different by their very nature and they exhibit symptoms of depression to differing degrees. This severity of symptoms combined with the range of symptoms of depression makes the […]

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sugar reduces stress

There are foods that we can eat to help us deal with stress better. According to research reported by the New York Times sugar reduces stress. Well that’s the headline but what was actually found was that in an MRI scanner the use of sugar reduced the blood flow to the parts of the brain […]

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Spider Phobia

This page doesn’t have a picture of a spider anywhere so if you have a spider phobia or any sort of fear of spiders you can read on and learn. A lot of people laugh about other people who have a fear of spiders. But it can be really serious, the fear causes an anxiety […]

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The Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge I know several people who do triatholons, marathons and also those for whom it’s not enough so they are drawn to the iron man challenge. We are in a world beyond the time of dragons. But there are still dragon slayers amongst us. Some of us need these challenges because the physical […]

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