Perfectionism and not wanting to get things wrong are some of the biggest mental hurdles that we have to jump in order to get started on something. Interestingly, of the people that I know the ones that appear to do best are the ones who just get on and do something. Anything that they need […]

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Ways To Be Not Successful

I typed Not Successful in to Google. I was hoping for something positive. Guess what I got? 20 Reasons Why You Are Still Not Successful 7 Reasons You Won’t Ever Be Successful – Forbes 7 Reasons You’re Not as Successful as You Could Be 13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be by […]

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The Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge I know several people who do triatholons, marathons and also those for whom it’s not enough so they are drawn to the iron man challenge. We are in a world beyond the time of dragons. But there are still dragon slayers amongst us. Some of us¬†need these challenges because the physical […]

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The Law Of Attraction

I’ve read a lot of things about the law of attraction, the secret and all the other versions out there. It’s all compelling, especially the versions where we can create anything that we want for ourselves. I’m not so compelled by the versions that say when bad stuff happened to us that we wanted that […]

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