sugar reduces stress

There are foods that we can eat to help us deal with stress better. According to research reported by the New York Times sugar reduces stress. Well that’s the headline but what was actually found was that in an MRI scanner the use of sugar reduced the blood flow to the parts of the brain […]

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Dealing With Loss

Dealing With Loss This is one of those posts that means something to me. I decided to share it because there may be others who may reach some understanding from it. I have recently had personal experience of dealing with loss in my family, my Dad died just after Christmas. Just writing those words has […]

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The Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge I know several people who do triatholons, marathons and also those for whom it’s not enough so they are drawn to the iron man challenge. We are in a world beyond the time of dragons. But there are still dragon slayers amongst us. Some of us need these challenges because the physical […]

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