Atkins Diet

I have an agenda here talking about Atkins diet foods. To understand it fully I have to roll back about 30 years. At that time I was 10.5 stones (147lbs), I was well in to my rock climbing phase and I was out 3 or 4 times per week rock climbing in my home county […]

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Low Carb Diet

The Low carb diet as put forward in the Dr Atkins diet revolution was given a rough ride back in the 1970s and 1980s. Was it really a fad diet or should we really consider it as a lifestyle. I’ve been researching diets and weight management for a long time, it’s an on-going thing for […]

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How Are We Judging Ourselves

In my previous post I looked at how we are judging people and everything at all times. That included judging other people and judging ourselves. So if I recap, our conscious minds are pattern matching engines that search for memories and thoughts that match the situation that we are in. For example if a car […]

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