Change Your Life Today


Lots of us want to change our lives. It’s a fact.

But how many of us get on and to it. We are waiting for that divine inspiration, that flash of genius. We’re wasting our time!

The bottom line is that we have to get on and do it. And that includes me.

There are so many things that hold us back and it’s mainly fear.

We’ve been programmed, possibly by parents, possibly by our school experience, possibly by friends. You know what I mean, or at least you will when I describe the example.

When I was at school I once thought I could sing reasonably well, nothing special but you know reasonable. The music teacher listened and pointed me out one day and said to me in front of the other kids “will you stop singing, it sounds aweful”.

I felt about an inch tall, I wanted to run and hide, everyone laughed. That was it. I never volunteered for anything ever again, never put myself forward for anything ever again. I became hyper sensitive and when people I knew made fun of my lack of ability I mentally ran away. When people said those immortal lines “you think you’re so good don’t you” I became instantly devastated.

I was a kid. But you know what, that kid’s still in there somewhere and it’s taken a lot of time and effort for me to be able to do the things I do. I learned that it’s OK to be good at some things, if it’s true then it’s not bigging yourself up.

I’ve added a personal growth page to the self help section, it might help get some perspective on the issues.

I have to be honest, there an easy answer but it’s not easy to do. But I can tell you that with a bit of bravery you can do it.

This video is about as honest as it gets when it comes to personal growth.

That element of waiting for divine inspiration is stopping you changing like it stopped me.

If you think that life is fixed and that you have to get it right first time and you never get another chance. You’re in for a shock because the only way to survive is to keep trying.

If you’re after a magic solution, there isn’t one. You can turn your positive intentions to the max but if you don’t actually set foot on the path to action then how can things change.

Pick something to change. Write down what you’ve got and what you want. Work out what you need to learn. Learn it and move on. What else do you need. Eventually you’ll get there. It might be slow, it will involve effort. Learn what you need to do and do it.

Big Secret 1:

Things rarely go right first time
If it goes wrong, do it again differently.

Big Secret 2:

If someone else thinks badly of you
Or if someone tries to make you feel small
Allow them to do it their way.
Remember: This is your life not theirs.

Do something today.

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