Where Do You Start Dealing With Anxiety

Dealing with anxiety - where do you start.

So who needs to know about dealing anxiety?

If you’re suffering from anxiety then you probably feel like there are so many things that life is doing to you, that other people are doing to you and that just happen to you. Then maybe you need to know about dealing with anxiety.

If Your life revolves around feeling rotten and feeling like that nervous feeling is never going to end then maybe you need to know about dealing with anxiety too.

OK I’ll stop there because if this is you then you know what it feels like and all that stuff. You know what’s happening to you and you don’t like it. I for one know that you aren’t doing it on purpose and you are just looking for some ideas about what you can do to start dealing with anxiety for yourself.

Coming to me or someone like me might help a lot, but what can you do starting today at home or out and about that has a chance of working.

I’m going to talk from experience now, my own experience of dealing with anxiety and my observations of others. These ideas won’t fit everyone but you will hopefully get the idea and will be able to find your own way to do something.

For me, anxiety builds up gradually and then I realise my shoulders are tight for a lot of the time and that I’m going around in circles not achieving much.

Something You Love Helps Dealing With Anxiety

I do self hypnosis (I teach it to many of my clients too) and that helps me to achieve calm. A calm and quiet mind is my first port of call. Even though you’re saying to yourself ‘that doesn’t help me right now’ please read on.

One of the major parts of self hypnosis (or meditation) is giving yourself time. Some time just for you to do just what you want to do. Some time when nobody else can but in and say ‘can you just …’. Time!

Even two minutes using self hypnosis as a meditation is such a rest for my mind that I can clear out the cobwebs and make it possible to do anything that I want.

Give yourself time just for you!

Sometimes I need a major reset of my mind. That’s when I wheel out my big guns.

me dealing with anxiety on a rock face a beautiful place by the sea where I dealing with anxiety is a pleasure.

I go rock climbing. Nothing too hard. Keeping within my ability, just me, my boots, shorts, teeshirt climbing up, traversing across and flexing muscles. Showing myself that I can still do it. What’s most important about this is not danger, it’s about me controlling my mind. It’s partly the places that I go where there are only people of a like mind taking time out from day to day life.

When you go climbing (even in the safety of a climbing wall)  it’s one of those activities where you stay focussed on the job in hand. There’s no space to worry about last week or yesterday or feel bad about tomorrow. There’s only today. There’s only holding on to the rock and making the next move, concentrating on what you are doing right now in this second.

If you ever read about mindfulness then climbing is about the ultimate because you can’t allow your mind to wander. You are here, now and living your life as you want to right now. And it’s great. For me it’s such a relief to do something elemental and allow myself half an hour or an hour of concentration where there’s no room for anything else.

Now I’m not stupid enough to think that this is the answer to the world’s ills, or your ills. But if you’re willing to look at the principle at work here then you have a place to start dealing with anxiety.

Find something that you do that absorbs your whole mind. Something that you can immerse your whole self in. The two examples I’ve given here are self hypnosis and rock climbing but the list goes on and I’ll continue this next time and give you some other ideas.

Some more tangible ideas on how to deal with anxiety

If you would like to come and learn self hypnosis or if you have any issue with anxiety that you’d like to discuss please call me on 0793 464 0831

Or you can email me on peter@peterjfrench.co.uk.

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