Dear Marge, I have a problem

I was born to be a slayer of dragons and righter of wrongs as were my forbears. By some quirk of existence I work in a shoe shop.
In my heart I am faithful to my true purpose, Life appears to have other tests in mind for my life. Surviving the mundane turns out to be a challenge in itself.
I am polite to customers even when they treat me like something they scraped off their old shos. I retain a calm aura when they try my patience. They never know the wrath that can reduce life expectancy to a few brief seconds.
I accept graciously the slanderous untrue admonishments from my manager and scrupulously resist impaling her on the shoe horn that is my constant working companion.
I handle foraging in the supermarket with the poise of my hunter ancestors and avoid the marauding traffic wardens in town with ease.
My problem is that I feel weary in my very soul. The doctor says its adrenal burnout but how can that be?

Marge replies:
As a dragon slayer your outlook is one of here today and gone tomorrow. Get in do the job get paid get out and move on.
Your curent position relies on continuity of daily attendance. Rectifying things you disrupt and being there to answer for all that you do and clearing up after the misdeeds of others.
Your life’s purpose and your daily life are complete opposites so despite your diligence and leniency there is an inner conflict. This causes the stress and in your case a lot of it.¬† Continual stress without recourse to release causes the adrenal burnout. You literally have a small amount of adrenalin to drive your body onwards.
You now have the issue that what you need is some dragon slaying at weekends but you will be too tired to fulfil that need. So you have to learn to be calm so that the life conflict doesnt generate too much adrenalin. Then gradually as you master control of the adrenalin you will be able to weald the sword and lance for a little longer and a litle longer. Then you will get some of the slaying you need to fill your heart with joy and at the same time as using calm to survive your daily toil.
This is a worthy quest of self control and understanding. I wish you well.
You could do worse than to employ the services of one skilled in the hypnotic arts to gain mastery of youself once more. It could make the quest quicker and more direct.

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