Depression Symptoms

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What Sorts of Depression Symptoms Are There?

Depression is a blanket term that describes an overall emotional state and the depression symptoms appear different in different people. Each person has their own set of symptoms and the severity of each one is also different for each person. For example some people exhibit a noticeable lack of self esteem where others appear confident. At least on the outside. That can also indicate a difference in the will to carry on as normal.

The depression symptoms affect all parts of a person’s life, their emotional state, their physical state and their ability to interact with the rest of society.

Depression Symptoms

People tend to focus mainly on the personal emotional state because that is generally the most obvious. There are also physical depression symptoms and they come as a surprise because we always think of it as being an emotional or mental condition. There is also a social side to depression symptoms where people interact with the rest of the world.

Emotionally people who are depressed tend to have low self esteem that makes them feel unworthy and isolated. They tend to get no joy from anything they do. And it feels like everything is being done to them and it feels personal. Depression is often full of guilt, guilt about spoiling things for others, guilt at getting things wrong and that is the source of a lot of negative thinking.

Physically people with depression find they have no energy, they feel completely zapped. Although they have problems sleeping they tend to sleep a lot more during the day. Weight can go up or down with loss of appetite or comfort eating. Many people start to rely on tobacco, alcohol, food and caffeine to get through the day.

Socially people with depression tend to shy away from contact with others, often due to the embarrassment of having to explain all the time. The things they once enjoyed doing have stopped being fun and there is a lack of joy all round. They tend to cut themselves off with a set of reasons that only make sense to themselves.

What Should You Do If You Have Depression Symptoms?

If you are worried about having depression symptoms then you should talk to your doctor and explain about the changes you are undergoing. They can help you get it in perspective and start treatment. Diagnosis is a non trivial thing.

I don’t deal with depression as such. I’m a hypnotherapist and I have a lot of skills that can help with a lot of the issues that make up depression. That gives me a different perspective on the illness. As I clear up issues it tends to give a person mental space that makes it easier to perceive their state. In general I can provide relief from many of the contributing factors of depression.

People often find that this leads in them being able to resolve so much more on their own. I believe that empowering people allows them to heal themselves.

As a hypnotherapist I know that I can help with several of the issues that are part of the depression. Hypnosis can help give relief from many of the contributing factors.

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