Depression Test

depression test

Why would you need a depression test?

A depression test is as you would expect a test to see if you have depression. I know there are depression tests on the net and they may give a result that is reasonable.

But this is where I have a real problem with a depression test. There are psychological questionnaires that work as depression tests and in the right hands they can be useful tools. But the thing is that a depression test is a tool and in order for a tool to be useful it has to be used by a person who is able and qualified to use them. That’s your doctor or a psychologist or psychiatrist.

That excludes me, I’m qualified to help people with the issues that they have, and these may well be included under the umbrella of the term depression. But you see depression is a clinical term used by the medical profession and it has to be diagnosed by them.

Do you really want to be depressed?

If you’re feeling a bit down it’s not uncommon nowadays to use the phrase I feel a bit depressed. And you may be wondering if you really are depressed so you want to take a depression test. But should you trust it and if you trust it are you qualified to diagnose your own depression. It would be unlikely.

It’s interesting too that once you get in to the mindset of being depressed that you unconsciously start looking for indicators to prove it to yourself. It’s almost as if you want to be depressed, and I can tell you for free that you really don’t want that.

If the depression test told you that you were depressed would that make you feel better or worse?

Who can you see?

So if you’re a bit down for a couple of days then you’re just a bit down for a couple of days. If it lasts for a long time then maybe you need help. If you need that help then please see your doctor.

As a hypnotherapist I can help with a range of the issues that occur under the umbrella of depression. Nobody actually treats anything that is called depression because it has so many facets that each person’s depression is different.

If you want a serious overview of depression then a good place to start is and they have a good balanced knowledgeable description. You might then start to get a handle on what’s actually going on with yourself. Then if you still feel depressed please see your doctor.

If you want help dealing with anxieties and behaviours that you have that are making you feel down then you could come and see me.

This could be sadness, anxiety, panic, stress, low self confidence or a number of other things along those lines.

There is help, I’m just a small part of that help. Allow yourself to get help so that you can get back to being you and living the life that you want to lead.

If you’d like to discuss this further please call me on [eeb_content]0793 464 0831[/eeb_content]

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