Fear of heights

Do you have a fear of heights
Do you have a fear of heights?


There’s a place that I go to help out as a volunteer.

Some of the staff had signed up for a fund raising event that involved abseiling from the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth. The Spinnaker tower is a prominent feature of the Portsmouth skyline and they allow people to abseil down it from time to time. Two of the people were having a bit of trouble thinking about it, they had signed up full of bravado and in the cold light of day it seemed a little more real.

A fear of heights is a thing that keeps you safe so it’s a good thing. When it becomes something that sticks in your mind a lot and causes anxiety just thinking about it then it’s a problem. Often we learn this fear from parents or other adults when we are young.

Don’t get too near the edge you might fall

It’s good advice but when you are still a few metres away from that edge it might be bordering on hysteria. Passing on that fear to others is a problem because it’s something that they have always had and the irrational fear is a normal part of their life.

Some people report a feeling of dizziness, others feel like they are being sucked over the edge to their doom. Some people can’t even look at an edge without feeling physically sick. All of these symptoms go beyond just an ordinary fear of heights. Their mind is doing somersaults just at the thought of an edge and that can’t be good.

Sufferers often resort to making fun of their irrational fear so that others don’t have an idea of the true extent of it. Avoidance is a common behaviour. People feel trapped and often stupid because they know rationally that it’s not an issue being 3 metres from the edge but something else is taking hold.

The good news is that if this is an issue in your life that you can get rid of it. There are several successful approaches that work in hypnotherapy to  be free of this fear. There are also other therapies like IEMT and EMDR that can be employed to remove the irrational part of it.

It’s not stupid or silly, it’s something that has got stuck in your head and it can be dealt with.

One question that is often posed is:

I have been like this for so many years that I can’t remember how it started, it must be really deep, can you still help me?

The answer is that if you want to be helped then help is there. You don’t need to be stuck with it any more.

If you are in the Portsmouth (UK) area then you could call me on 0793 464 0831 for a free 20 minute consultation. I’m happy to help.


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