Guaranteed Hypnosis Results

As a hypnotherapist I’d love to say I delivered guaranteed hypnosis results, I’d love to but hand on heart I can’t. That might sound odd, but as I hope you will understand as you read on there are just too many variables and too many expectations to be dealt with and met.

Who Will Be Te Judge

The natural answer to this question is you the client. You will be the judge and jury as to whether the process I take you through is successful or not.

One thing here is that your criteria for success may be different from the next person. For example if you came to me for help with a fear of flying then you might expect to never have any problem on a plane again. Or should the expectation be that you can get on the plane and you can manage to travel for a 6 hour flight without extreme anxiety taking over. Or should it be that you could fake it enough so that your children or othere travelling companions wouldn’t notice that you were anxious in the environment on the plane.

On the other hand if I am the judge, I can use the techniques at my disposal to determine whether or not the process we went through was a success. Not only that the testing that we did indicated that you were ready and able to fly.

If I accepted that you were the judge then there is no way that I can foretell all the criteria that you will want to fulfil. I can set out a reasonable sub-set but that may not be enough for you.

Are We Applying Unfair Standards?
I can hear you shout right now that you are being completely reasonable in asking me to guarantee to agreed standards in advance.

So have you ever had a broken bone, a finger, an arm or a leg for example. Before the surgeon set the arm in plaster for 6 wweeks did you ask for a guarantee of success?

I know a man who broke his femur and the surgeon said that it would be fine to set it normally and that it didn’t need a pin. The surgeon got it wrong and they needed to pin it because it broke as soon as he tried to walk on it. Would the surgeon offer a guarantee? Would you insist that he adhere to all your criteria? And what if he said no?

If you go to the doctor with a pain in your chest, you might expect a doctor to do a few tests and then make a decision for the course of the treatment. Do you question that, do you insist on it being 100% accurate and you are the judge? Or do you accept that part of medicine is to work the odds, go for most likely first, then if that is wrong you can move to next most likely and so on. In accepting that the doctor is doing his best in your interests seems a reasonable course of actions to me. I’ve done it and I’m sure that you’ve done it. And when the first course of treatment fails to improve your condition you allow them to move on to the next.

So Why Insist on more from me?

I have had clients who said that they were unwilling to come to see me if I couldn’t give a guarantee of success.

Until we see how you respond to hypnosis then it’s impossible to determine the approach to take, let alone how long it will take. And unlike a rash or a broken limb I have no way to understand what’s going on just by looking at someone.

Why Is This A Problem?

The hypnosis used in therapy is the same as the hypnosis used in stage shows. I just use it to help people rather than make fun of them.
There is so much hype around hypnosis and similar therapies that it’s hard to decide who is telling the truth.
Assuming you think I’m telling the truth you probably have a nagging doubt that this therapy is the one for you, because it requires luck and you never feel lucky.
People trust doctors more than they trust hypnotherapists.

So How Do We Resolve This?

The only way that I can see to resolve this is as follows:
1. Accept that I will be honest and do my best to help you with the issue(s) that you present to me.
2. Accept that I will have to check a few things out first.
3. Accept that most people can be helped.
4. Accept that results will vary depending how well you respond to the therapeutic methods that I use.

Anything Else?

Well yes there is. You can make a list of what you want to know so that we can discuss it and then call me. Knowledge is the key. You are probably savvy enough to tell if I am telling the truth or not. And let’s face it, if you don’t trust me then how well do you expect therapy to work to it’s best extent?

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