Heroic People

Heroic People
Heroism of old




I just woke up with this in my head. It won’t go away.






I watch TV and there’s a soldier there in a war zone, he’s there as a peace keeper but there is no peace in sight. The soldier is a hero. When asked about being a hero,  soldiers generally say well I’m just doing my job.

I watch a parents with their children. They do their best they protect them and care for them. They can’t see the future but they strive to keep them safe and allow them to learn how to live their lives successfully and well. It’s a labour of love and it’s heroic. They see it as the trials and tribulations of bringing up a family.

I see the TV charity programme. They show us images of children surviving against all odds. We feel guilty, cry and send our money. For themselves they see only survival, day after day, constantly finding ways to stay alive. The children are heroes there is no doubt.

I hear about displaced people on the radio. People running from war started and fought by other people in their name. They have only what they can carry. They want only to live the lives that have been taken from them. They are running and that’s associated with cowardice, but to strive to live when others are hell bent on denying that right is heroic.

I see people with very little doing what they can. They have no job and they are labelled as lazy and worse. Without walking that mile in in that person’s shoes and seeing their life from the inside how can anyone judge. Remember that a 50 inch TV isn’t a life, it’s just a prop. Heroic? We can’t say until we know. All people are different. Driven to dance by different tunes played by different pipers.

I see elderly people looking after each other. Dementia, old age, problems getting about,  reminiscing on the old days. Not giving up and getting on and doing is heroism too.

Definition: Hero
A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

So does that mean that if nobody has made a big thing about a person’s courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities then those things are not there to admire?

I think not.

I believe that heroism and heroic people are all around us. We just need to learn to see it while we are getting on and doing what we need to do.

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