How To Deal With Anxiety

how to deal with anxiety

In my previous blog entry I started looking at dealing with anxiety.

Today I’ll cover more on how to deal with anxiety.

The overall plan of how to deal with anxiety

Overall you will probably need help. But as a first step on how to deal with anxiety you could find this useful.

As I said earlier you need something that allows you to immerse your whole self and mind in it. My examples were self hypnosis (which I teach clients too) that allows me to quieten my mind and focus on what I want and not stray to where it wants to go. I also have more physical ways like rock climbing where you can’t think of anything else or you may face consequences.

Another thing I do is skiing although that’s not always as convenient. It’s a wonderful feeling that calms me to my very core.

So my ways about how to deal with anxiety work for me. They may work for a few other people but we need to look at what’s happening and not dwell on my solutions.

What’s happening is this:

  • I’m making time for myself to deal with anxiety
  • I’m giving myself time and space to manage my mind
  • I’m taking a small amount of control over my life so that life isn’t just happening to me, I’m making something happen for me.
  • let go of the idea of being wrong.

So what other things have I observed in others.

Let’s look at the fundamentals again: Give yourself time, immerse yourself completely, take some control of yourself and do something even if it is wrong. They are the basics of how to deal with anxiety. The doing something is really important, if you’re not sure then have a go, if it’s wrong then you learnt something and you can put it right.

I’ve observed that my wife does that when she goes in the garden. She arms herself with a trowel, bulbs, secateurs and other things and goes in to the garden. She rarely does it for less than an hour but she goes there and communes with nature. Nothing is allowed to intrude and it’s like watching an eyes open meditation. She becomes completely in the moment. She is in control of the world around her and although she doesn’t smile till later she’s completely immersed in her world. She just gets on and does it. If it’s wrong then she puts it right later.

I’ve watched people out with cameras. They search for their subjects, they observe their subjects they look for the best angle, the best size and arrangement in the frame. They are alive, right there, right then in the moment taking the best image that they can. Importantly here it’s their best image from their point of view, allow things to flow. If it could have been better then take that as a lesson and improve, it’s nobody’s neck on the block, it’s a picture.

I’ve watched people sitting on a bench gazing out over a pond. They are lost in their mind. They don’t think about anything in particular, they just watch. Watch for movement, watch the colours changing as the sky moves above their heads. Then they stand up, take a breath, sigh and half smile and walk slowly back to their life. There was no right or wrong there was just time to sit and stare and just be there in the moment, no worries, no hurries.

You get the idea here.

  • You are doing this thing that you love doing.
  • Doing it makes you feel good.
  • You are giving yourself permission and time to indulge yourself.
  • Doing it your way is really important.

That’s a basic blueprint on the first steps in how to deal with anxiety.

It’s generally not permanent and you need to top it up. There are some things that you can do daily so that you feel the calm, in your own time and your own space.

It’s a place to start. As you start you are taking some control over your life. Life isn’t just something that happens to you any more.

As you find more examples that fit you then your life will change in small ways for the better.

I’ve heard of people using cooking and cleaning and washing and ironing as ways to immerse themselves in things. They cease to be chores and take on the guise of mindful meditations and exercise that keep you in the here and now and clear your mind.

I wonder what’s your idea for how to deal with anxiety. Take back some control today.

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