Hypnosis For Confidence

Picture the scene.

Daughter sitting next to Wife on a sofa.¬†Me (Dad) sitting on another sofa. We’ve just finished watching a TV program together. “Dates” on Channel 4. The program was enthralling, the sets amazingly put together, there’a a real art to creating apparent simplicity. The acting was simply brilliant, it was basically a two hander but the actors’ presentation was incredible, the dialogue superb, beautifully crafted. A truly engaging performance that had us all transfixed. We discussed how good it was for a couple of minutes and then…


Daughter: Dad, will you send me a text please?

Dad (Me): Yes, but why?

Daughter: I haven’t had a text for ages I think my phone must be broken.

We all realise how stupid this is, we all have a good laugh. I’m about to send the text despite the ridiculousness of the request and …


Daughter: Oh! It’s all right it’s working.

Me (Dad): I’ll not bother sending one then!


Daughter: Oh! There’s another one.


We all laugh again.


I’ve noticed that sometimes we loose confidence because we are wondering what’s gone wrong. Then we try too hard. Then we try harder. Then we try and fix it. Then it starts working again and we’re OK, just like we should be.

Sometimes if we just hang on for a while. And let life happen. It all gets going on its own without us having to do anything. That’s nice.

Sometimes we’ve done that and we don’t know what to do to fix it because we’re too close to it and it seems too big and too important. That’s when we need help. The first step is the hardest; ask for help.

Hypnosis for confidence works!

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