Hypnosis for Pain Control

Hypnosis for pain control

This article is about hypnosis for pain control.

I’m writing this article 7 days after a surgical procedure that required a general anaesthetic and I’ve not used many of my pain meds. That’s my choice.

My advice would be that if you have a pain relief plan in place from a medical or surgical team then follow it. There are no bonus points in life for walking around in pain, the tea and sympathy just don’t make up for the discomfort.

So this article is about some of the simple techniques you can use without hypnosis, the same techniques used with hypnosis often have a deeper effect. The hypnosis brings a deeper focus to your attention.

I covered why you’d want to do this in my previous article so you could refer to that too.

Just getting interested in pain is a start on the road to managing it for yourself and taking back control of your life and your recovery.

When you start to get interested in your pain you have to take a different point of view, instead of just being the victim you also become a scientific observer and experiment at the same time. It’s a bit like being your own Igor.

So first up let’s get your mind in the right place. Can you remember a time when you were doing something in the garden, working on the car or anything like that and you looked down and saw you had a cut in your hand. And in the instant you observed the presence of the injury it started to hurt but before that there was no pain.

That should tell you that pain is generated in your head. It’s there to keep you safe so that you allow healing to occur and to stop you making things worse. And that’s why you can fix pain in your head too. Is a 7cm gash in your hand three times as painful as a 2cm cut? The bigger the injury the more the pain.

Where is the pain located. What is the centre of the pain that you have.

Now work out how far out from the centre of the pain you can feel pain and where does it start to feel normal as in no pain. Just knowing this and keeping a track of the extent of the pain day by day tells you if it’s getting better or worse or just staying the same. Prod gently, the pain may just be in your head but it’s a mental process that’s had a lot of evolution and practice.

Muscles tense up to protect the area of the injury and make it worse. Close your eyes, breathe gently and in control and imagine the muscles around the area of pain relaxing, concentrate on the tension ebbing away from the muscles leaving them calm. Personally I find this simple technique one of the most powerful.

If you’re sitting in a bad position, change. Find out what position you can relax best in. Experiment with moving limbs and muscles.

Now use your imagination. If you work out a place on your body that has no pain, close your eyes and imagine what colour that is. Now imagine looking in the painful area and see what colour that is. Imagine the painful area being spongelike and in your minds eye allow it to take on the colour of no pain.

Imagine what shape it is. Is it spiky, rough or something similar. Make it smooth and even.

Temperature is something else we often forget. Sometimes heat soothes, sometimes cool soothes. Some days are different to other days. See what works for you today.

These are some basic ideas, there are more and to be honest they will probably work if you just start to concentrate. Hypnosis does make the pain control better but you have some things to try now.

Go and give them a go and take back some control.

Hypnosis for pain control is a real thing. I won’t claim to have remained pain free through the last seven days but I would say that using hypnosis for pain control I had options and some control over my destiny.

For those of you in long term severe pain then imagine being able to be pain free for five seconds under your control. Imagine stretching that to thirty seconds. Imagine being pain free for a minute or five minutes. These things don’t sound much to people who are not in constant pain but five minutes off from pain can make a lot of difference to how you feel.

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