Hypnosis for Post Operative Pain Control

Hypnosis for post operative pain control

Now I’ll be honest from the start here in this description about hypnosis for pain control and in particular about hypnosis for post operative pain control.

If you have surgery you will be prescribed a post operative pain relief plan and supplied with the drugs to do that. And the surgical and post op team do it the way they do it for a reason, It works. The information in this article is not intended to replace the pain relief plan.

So what’s the point? Why bother with hypnosis for post operative pain control?

There’s a short list that I offer as answers to that. They are backed up with my own approach to pain control following (minor) surgical procedures that required a full general anaesthetic.

Some of the reasons sound a bit conceited but I will explain them while others are just common sense.

  • Knowing that you can
  • Having a backup plan
  • For those times that you’re late taking the tablets
  • To get back some control in to your life
  • It’s really interesting

Knowing you can control your pain gives you a bit more confidence that you can be part of your recovery. If you just hope for the best and take what comes then it’s a way of living but sometimes planning the future a bit and knowing you have a way to deal with it helps you. It helps because you know that you have a future.

It’s a backup plan and knowing that you have a chance at controlling your own post operative pain means that you don’t have your eggs in one basket. If you’re late taking the pills or you just can’t get to them for some reason then knowing you have some control will stop any panic. It’s not just you that panics remember, those around you get in a bit of a tizzy when a plan goes sideways too. And they feel responsible for you. It’s nice to be loved.

The whole surgery thing is like a roller coaster ride, you get on at one end and you have to stay on it until you reach the end. The more you can take part in the things that go on with the process and that includes pre surgery planning and post surgery pain control, then the more control you feel like you have over the situation. It’s not just like dropping off a cliff and hoping you can swim.

And do you know what? It really is interesting. Controlling your own pain and controlling your own mind is so interesting. The fact that it is even a little bit possible is so useful to know. And for many people they find that hypnosis gives them the tools to control pain and experiment with it. Being interested is a fundamental part of controlling it.

Using hypnosis you can learn to control your pain. You have to learn to analyse it a bit and then start trying things out.

My next post will be about the basic methods that I use for post operative pain control along with the truisms that might just put you in the driving seat.

If you’d like to discuss how hypnosis can help with post operative pain control or any pain control then please call me on 0793 464 0831.

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