Hypnosis vs NLP vs Mindfulness


So if there were a three way competition: Hypnosis vs NLP vs Mindfulness which would win?

I went to a seminar this week at Portsmouth University and the speakers were a mindfulness coach and an NLP master trainer. Both were offering solutions to Stress in the workplace. A friend asked me “which is best then”.

On the face of it its a fair question but as you would imagine it’s not that simple.

All three (and there others too) provide a solution to stress in the workplace and at home and on holiday and wherever you are. All three are successful. So the answer is that there is no best.

Another answer is that they are all aiming to do the same thing in so far as they provide solutions  that people can use to help themselves.

So the real answer is that they are all best because they help people. Which one is best for a particular person depends on that person. And that’s interesting because the motivation behind the what’s best question is usually so that someone can go to the solution that fits them best first and save a lot of time.

Which one attracts you? It might not be the cheapest but if you are attracted to it then it could be that you will give it your best shot. And the one thing that I know is that clients who put the most effort in to the solutions get the best results.

Give it your best shot because there is no best.

All are striving to give you calm, not to remove the passion from life but to give you space to enjoy everything in your life. Calm is just a way to step back from it all and get it in perspective.

All of the above will give you that if you find the right person.

If you think I’m the right person then feel free to call me.

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