Hypnotherapy for Stress

Is it possible to use hypnotherapy for stress? Yes of course, there are lots of techniques that can be applied in hypnosis to help with stress. Also learning self hypnosis can be very beneficial because you can deal with new things yourself.

Dealing with stress is partly about how you think about things and what you allow to affect you. For example the following started out out as a joke but it soon made me realise a few things about how I can make my own life more stressful. The paradoxically knowing how to do it I can work out how to avoid it.


I met a man who told me “smile and be happy, things could get worse”
So I smiled, I became happy, and things did get worse.


So here are the things I think it allows us to think about:

If I hadn’t met the man, smiled and been happy would things have got worse?

Did I cope better with things getting worse because I was smiling and happy?

If I’d looked like thunder and been miserable would I have noticed things getting worse?

And to top it off the crux question has to be:

How many irrational links between events do we make each day and then accept them as our rules for living?

Because each day is different then those rules must change daily which has to be stressful.


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