I Want To Be Happy

I want to be happy

I had a bit of a thing happen this morning. Like most other people I want to be happy but sometimes it’s not easy.

“I want to be happy” is one of those things that sounds so simple but when it comes to doing it consistently something always appears to get in the way.

That something is usually us.

I was having a bit of a wander up our garden not really paying attention and wondering how I felt today. I do that sort of thing from time to time. Then I saw the flagstone in the path in the image above, saw it as a happy face and that told me it’s a good day.

So what does that have to do with it?

One of those things that’s odd about people, including me is that we are capable of so many things and we do it so easily and we do it without thinking. What? Creating our mood of course.

Something bad happens and we feel bad. Something good happens and we feel good. It rains and we feel at a loose end. We allow the things around us to affect our mood, we allow our mood to be driven by things that are out of our control.

Is there any wonder I want to be happy?

I don’t feel happy when I’m not in control of my destiny. So how do I start to get some control?

It turns out that it’s pretty straight forwards.

Every morning make note (as in writing down – so you’ll need a special notebook) of something that you’re grateful for, or something that’s making you smile or something that is making you laugh.

Every evening make note of something new that you’re grateful for (make you smile, make you laugh etc).

If something during the day makes you feel grateful, happy, smiling etc, make a note of it.

You have to feel the grattitude, happiness, laughter so that it means something to you.


You’re tuning in to happy/grattitude/smiling. You’re programming yourself to see the positive things around you. You are making changes for yourself.

Why do you need it?

You have been programmed by all the media around you in to feeling inadequate, unhappy with who you are and your achievements.

The newspapers, tv and radio news is full of bad news and things that are designed to make you feel guilty. (Comic relief is great in theory but it’s so guilt laden that they should be ashamed of what they are doing to people).

Advertising tells us that our life will not be complete without X, Y and Z. They play on our fears and insecurities. What did I ever do without the wings?

On one level we don’t believe the adverts but on another level the whole media circus is geared to making us aware of our failures and the things that we lack.


If you want to be you then you’ve probably lost track of who that is. Decide what and who you want to be and gradually retune yourself.

Start with happy. Start today because you’ll gradually notice that being happy is possible. You’ll probably think it’s coincidence but your happiness will be more robust. Put a note in next year’s diary so that you remember what you started. When you’re happy it’s working then decide what you want to be. And re-tune yourself.

And stop watching the news. And the adverts.

Except of course any that involve me 🙂

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