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In Flight Entertainment, don't let it be you.Imagine. You’re sitting on a plane, it’s taken off and it’s reached its cruising altitude and the man across the aisle from you is looking white. And in to the bargain he’s just drinking his second brandy and from your point of view that’s only the drinks he’s had on the plane.

He’s absent mindedly clicking the plastic bubble packing for some pills. Then he appears to have made his mind up and he ejects another pill from the packaging and swallows it with the rest of the brandy. You don’t really thing anything of it because you’re only sharing a flight together and soon he will go his way and you will go yours.

Did you know that doctors will prescribe diazepam for fear of flying. It’s an anti depressant / anti anxiety drug. Well what else could the doctor do?

Back to our flight. I know from a friend of mine that if you get the mix of alcohol with diazepam¬† just right that you float all the way through the flight and it’s a surreal experience. Most people realise that tranquilizers and alcohol will mix but the results are not predictable. So that man across the aisle, is he getting it right or is he getting it wrong. He’s looking agitated and he’s attempting to order another brandy, but the air hostess is trying to dissuade him because she recognises that something isn’t quite right. He’s getting more and more agitated and she’s starting to signal to her colleagues, and they are getting the place prepared at the back of the plane where they can strap him down. There are contingencies for so many things. And there are now several staff evident in the vicinity.

The man has seen something in her demeanour, he’s not gone over the edge and he’s realised that he’s not going to float through this flight. He calms himself down. He orders a bottle of water with ice. The air staff are melting in to the background and the situation settles down.

Is that a way to fly on holiday or on business?

If you’re in danger of being the in flight entertainment then perhaps you should seek help beyond the pills that the doctor will give you. Learning to stay in control and in many cases being rid of the irrational fear is not just a pipe dream. It’s a reality and you can learn to do it.

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