The Iron Man Challenge

The Iron Man Challenge


I know several people who do triatholons, marathons and also those for whom it’s not enough so they are drawn to the iron man challenge.

We are in a world beyond the time of dragons. But there are still dragon slayers amongst us. Some of us need these challenges because the physical adversity is a matter of physical skill and an ability to keep going when your body says it’s had enough. And it’s not a simple matter to do that.

It may leave a lot of broken bodies but a lot of the people who do them get incredible elation from it that keeps them going and gives them something real to prove to themselves that they are up to the challenge.

I used to do a lot of rock climbing and I know how good it feels and how it protects you from so many of the stresses of life. It is enough sometimes just to know that you may not be the best but you and your abilities can get you through a lot. Your certainty protects you.

But what about those of us who don’t really do physical. Does that mean that some of us are missing out?  Personally I have come to the conclusion that it’s all a question of scale.

I have an example of a lady I know who was terrified of lifts, I mean a real severe phobia. One of those people who when asked where she was on a scale of 1 to 10 said she was at least 12. And you could see it in her eyes. The other week she got in the lift and pressed the buttons to go up, then after going up and getting out, getting back in and pressing the buttons to go down she came back to the ground. To those of us who have no problem with lifts it might mean nothing. But can you imagine what that means to her.  She may not be a slayer of dragons but she is someone who has faced up to demons. And she keeps on working at it.

I learn a lot from her.

We all have it in us to overcome our demons, it starts with that little twinkle of hope. We then get to choose whether we let that spark fall to the ground and go out or whether to decide to feed that small flame.


Look for the signs that you’re getting there and not for reasons that it’s not working. It’s so easy to pour water on that spark and give up. It’s so much more rewarding to fan the flame and move on.


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