Is Hypnosis Real

does hypnosis work

“Is hypnosis real ?” Now that’s a questiong that I have been asked a few times.

Potential clients on the phone want to know what it can do for them. To be honest there, asking that question of a person who does  hypnotherapy for a living is a bit like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. The instant answer is of course “Yes hypnosis is real”.

If you want a fuller explanation then it goes like this: Hypnosis is often thought of as that time when you aren’t fully awake and you haven’t gone to sleep. You pass through it twice every day. Hypnosis is real and works for everyone, because everyone can go in to hypnosis.

Different people experience hypnosis in different ways. These experiences of hypnosis range from a very deep and profound experience of hypnosis to a very light feeling of hypnosis like a gentle relaxation. Oddly from a therapeutic point of view we are able to help people no matter what their experience of hypnosis. The approach we take changes depending on the way you experience hypnosis but changes can and are made at each session.

As a hypnotherapist I often ask myself “Is hypnosis real?”

For me it’s a way for me to check if I am doing the best I can for clients.

Sometimes I take it for granted and at other times I question whether it’s working.

I am constantly checking if the skills that I have, I am reviewing if the hypnosis skills that I use are still OK and I have to keep looking around to see if there are better options.

Developments are being made all the time in therapies.

Some therapies are off-shoots of other therapies, many are similar to each other. For example I trained in the use of Integral Eye Movement Therapy and it’s a wonderful tool. I’ve done courses in other eye movement therapies but they boil down to similar things.

I always return to hypnosis. Hypnosis is the most versatile tool that I use to help people to change their perceptions and to assist them in achieving changes in their lives.

Like many therapies, hypnosis works best for people who are willing to put in effort. The people who are willing to make every effort that they can always do better than the ones who turn up once a week for a dose of magic.

The answer that I keep coming back to is that yes hypnosis is real and it works for me in a therapeutic environment.

I’ve been on courses that taught me some skills that are used in street and stage hypnosis, we refer to them as rapid inductions or shock inductions. If I’m honest they are not good as therapeutic tools but they allow me to keep my own head together and know that when I ask “is hypnosis real?” that I can come up with the answer, “Yes hypnosis is real and it works”.

You have most likely seen evidence of it working on youtube or on TV and ask if it’s real, well the hypnosis is real, the hypnosis works, and the hypnosis used in street and stage hypnosis is the same as we use in therapy but in therapy we use it as a way to help you and not to make fun of you.

The other big difference is that on TV they only work with people who go in to hypnosis incredibly well, nobody else can provide the show that they need. In my office I will do hypnosis and hypnotherapy with any client that comes through my door. And sometimes people who just come in by mistake.

So Is hypnosis real?. In short “Yes it is!”.

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