Emotional Memories

Taking the pain out of the past

Emotional memories can be helpedEffective and timely help for emotional memories using hypnotherapy in Hampshire

We all have bad memories but some of us have memories that are so emotional that they intrude on our lives and upset us frequently. It may be past relationships that have broken up amidst a lot of bad feeling and ill will, it could be a severe emotional response to a traumatic memory when something happened to us.

Most memories we have we can go over time and time again with no negative effect on ourselves. So why are some memories so powerful as to render us powerless?

When we create memories we often also associate emotional intensity with the memories. It is the associated emotional intensity that adds the power. This is why these memories stand out. If it's a positive emotion like happiness then we can just bask in the memories and enjoy them over and over. If they are negative emotions then the memory appears to have an unreal power to make us feel bad, in some cases it makes us feel bad over and over again and it feels like it gets worse.

How Can I Help

When we take away the emotional intensity from a memory, the memory is still there but it doesn't have the power that it had and we retains our perspective on the incident.

I have used hypnotherapy and IEMT techniques and Hypnotherapy to deal with the pain of such memories successfully with clients. They found it liberating.

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