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A better approach to exams

Exam performance

Effective and timely help for exam performance using hypnotherapy in Hampshire

Exam performance can be affected by a lot of things. For a start stress or anxiety about an exam can affect memory performance. The adrenalin flow of the event is enough to upset some people to the extent where they literally freeze for a while and loose vital time while they get their act together.

The approach being taken to revision and learning the best way to remember how to do things can be a tricky business. People learn in a way that is unique to them and quite often well meaning advisers suggest a 'best method' to proceed with revision that doesn't fit the individual. If you are using a method that doesn't work for you then just doing more of it is not going to make things much better. You need to work smarter not harder.

My own daughter has to get a organised up front. Without that there are nagging doubts about things that are missing. Once that's sorted she can get on and do the job in hand. It's a common mistake to just do it in an ad-hoc way. Get organised is a good first step.

How you talk to yourself is also important along with the voice of that inner critic. It's not a sign of going mad we all have an inner critic and its job is to make us the best that we can be, but with some people it's a bit over zealous and causes more problems than it solves. There are ways to tame it and retrain it so that it helps again.

If you or someone you care for has trouble with exams and you know that things could be better then there may be some things that I can help with.

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