Social Anxiety

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Effective and timely help for Social anxiety and meeting new people in Hampshire

It is not uncommon to feel anxiety when meeting new people because there are so many unknowns. It's not uncommon to freeze completely when faced with a new situation either. You run so many what if questions through your head and then they start to chase each other around and it winds the spring in your tighter and tighter. Will I remember their name, don't mention this remember to say that don't forget the other. If you are doing anything like this to yourself then there's no wonder that you feel uncomfortable in this situation.

Allowing yourself to be authentic is not easy for many people. Letting our nature shine through is often blocked by awkwardness and a failure to believe in our own ability. We look at all those other people who manage effortlessly and see only our own failure to match up. If only I could be like that.

Most of us don't want to get to the stage where we appear to be so laid back that we don't care. We have seen that too and the thought of it feels even worse than feeling awkward. But we want to manage better than we do.

The first thing to accept here is that you are only worried here because you care. Because you care, you can learn how to deal with these situations and pat yourself on the back once in a while for being braver than you used to be.

Another thing to bear in mind here is what you are measuring yourself against. If you are measuring yourself against the sum total of all the people you have ever met who appeared to be at ease in social gatherings then there's no way you can get there. Setting your goals with a clear perspective and thinking about how you are going to check if you have met them sounds too easy but it will make a big difference.

Take small steps.

Meeting new people for the first time is a set of skills that you can learn. You can leave the negatives behind and 'enjoy the moment' in what you might want to call confidence, once you've got it you don't need to label it.

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