Resolve Your Fear Of Flying

Travel Confidently And Happily

Resolve Your Fear Of Flying, Travel Confidently And HappilyFear of flying leaves a lot of people with a private or professional life that is unfulfilled. The inability to fly to destinations limits so many possibilities in a person's life.

There is more than one underlying cause for a fear or phobia of flying:

  • You may have had a frightening experience while in an aircraft.
  • You may have found that your imagination caused you to develop a fear without a real sensitising event. The resulting fear or phobia tends to become more severe each time it comes to mind and you notice the emotions starting to bite. Because all people are different, the phobia manifests differently for everyone.

I make use of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and eye movement therapy to help with Fear of flying. It deals with a phobia which is different for each person, the results will vary from completely clearing the issue to managing the symptoms in a way that will improve the situation over a period of time.


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