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Resolve Your Insomnia, Learn To Get To SleepInsomnia is the inability to get to sleep or get back to sleep after waking in the night.

Everyone has the odd night where they don't sleep very well for a couple of nights, Insomnia on the other hand, is a problem with sleep that continues for several months or years.

Insomnia affects so many parts of life. It affects the sufferer's work, their relationships and general health. Lack of sleep has also been shown to affect the ability to make good food choices and is often accompanied by weight problems.

Some people don't regard their problem as insomnia because they can get to sleep when they first go to bed, their issue is getting back to sleep when disturbed in the nighe. In truth the issue is the same.

I had personal experience of insomnia for about 20 years and understand the clouded thinking, kick starting the morning with caffeine or sugar (or both). I found that hypnotherapy started me sleeping again.

A hypnosis audio might help you get to sleep but you will always be reliant on technology to get to sleep.

I use hypnosis and hypnotherapy to teach you how to get to sleep (or back to sleep). That way you will always be in control, and will not be reliant on any external aids.

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