It drives me mad

I find that there are two main things that I notice in the people around me: The things that fill me full of hope and then there’s the things that I see where it drive me mad.

The things that fill me full of hope speak for themselves. It makes me feel really good to see ordinary people doing ordinary things that are having an extraordinary effect on those around them. Like talking to someone who looks confused until they settle and get their act together, like getting a neighbour’s shopping when there’s snow on the ground..

I have found that some things that happen drive me nuts and there’s nothing I can do about them.

All that I can do anything significant about is me.

A friend pointed out that I have to let them get to me in order for things to drive me nuts. I have to allow it to happen. That meant that by doing nothing I was saying it’s OK for things to wind me up.

That was a red rag to a bull. They don’t even know me and they can affect me so much. Well that stops right now.

What to do instead? I can’t just not wind myself up because it doesn’t work.

How would it be if I saw those same events (including me in the part of Mr Angry) in a comedy sketch show on telly. If I saw those things happening I would probably find it funny to see Mr Angry being wound up by all those things. Even funnier when I realised that Mr Angry was actually doing to himself.

A different perspective can let you see the funny side and fill you full of hope (for yourself).

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