Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

How many times have you heard someone say that?

Well funnily enough there has been a lot of research in to just that. It’s an ongoing thing because we never trust what just feels right. And rightly so, it might feel right to live of chocolate cake but it would probably have a lot of bad effects along with that short term sugar and chocolate hit.

So back to laughter. It’s something that kids do a lot and as we get older we do it an awful lot less. If you get caught laughing at work you’re obviously messing around and being paid for it.

Laughter has been shown by scientists to promote a good feeling, improve your immune system, reduce your stress levels  and lower your blood pressure. These are real benefits.

So why don’t we do more of it?

We get older, and less wise. We have debts to pay, we have mouths to feed. We have jobs to do that people often describe as the daily drudge and the daily grind.

A lot of people get further and further in to a rut and feel less and less like laughing. They see less and less of the funny side of life.

So here’s the thing. If there’s one thing that is worth making an effort for it has to be this. Learn to laugh, even pretending to laugh evokes the response inside your body that will help you. You can pretend to laugh and eventually (within minutes) you will find yourself spontaneously laughing for real. And feeling good afterwards.

It’s been shown that even smiling helps this process along. Just smiling about something that makes you feel happy will help you move your whole self in a positive direction.

So here’s your homework:

Do something that at least makes you smile. Watch the birds on the bird feeder, feed the ducks and imagine what they are saying to each other. Go out and laugh with friends. Watch stupid tv programs like bad robot or even some of the kids TV programs.

Go on I dare you.

Even if life has dealt you a blow recently, take time out. Listen to comedy on the BBC radio iplayer, read Spike Milligan’s book Pukoon all over again. Indulge yourself and feel better for it. Even watch Have I Got News for You or something like that on TV. It doesn’t need to be intellectual, it doesn’t need to have a serious point, it does need to make you laugh or smile.

Do It Today and feel better Today.



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