Meditating Mindfully

Meditate mindfully, mindful meditation.Meditating mindfully is a common thing these days. But what does mindful mean?

The usual answer is that mindful is the opposite of mindless, so you are doing meditating with a sense of purpose and not just shutting your eyes and letting your mind skip around like a butterfly.

There is another interpretation of mindful though that sometimes helps people to get a grip of the meditation and make it work for them. The common instruction in meditation is to let your thoughts go, to see them drift off and leave you with an empty mind. On the face of it there’s no problem but it appears that you are trying to achieve not thinking, which is sort of true and sort of not.

If you stand up, close your eyes and lean forwards very gently so that your weight moves on to the balls of your feet. Hold it there for a while. Now back to the start point. Now move the weight to the heels even more carefully and hold it. Then after a few seconds let the weight return to the centre. Now ask yourself what you were thinking of while you were doing this thing, and the answer is that you were thinking about staying balanced and nothing else. Your mind was full of a task that could not be done automatically and it was taking up all your thought capacity to maintain balance.

It’s actually a great way to get back in to control if you find you are getting agitated or very anxious.

So mindful can be filling your mind with something in order to keep you from anxious or unwanted thoughts.

So back to the meditation, you can try some of the Chi Kung stances as part of your meditation. That has a good effect.

Or you could simply imagine your mind filling with calm. Actively imagine calm as a white smoke, or vapour, and imagine it diffusing easily and calmly throughout your mind. So instead of letting go of thoughts, you concentrate on other thoughts.

Try it if you’re in to meditation. You might find that it helps.

I teach self hypnosis to achieve calm mind and that can be used as a meditation too.

Meditating mindfully doesn’t have to be hard.

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